Molybdenum Grid

Molybdenum Grid

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Molybdenum Grid is specially developed for various deposition works and beam milling procedures that require utilization of inert as well as reactive process gases. The offered molybdenum item has thermal stability and has robust construction. Moreover, the shape of this grid can be adjusted to manufacture various types of beam profiles. The size of this item ranges between 1 cm to 30 cm.

All sizes of this item that we can make for vacuum coating are as follows:
1 Grid sets for Vecco 16cm (single focal point) ion sources;
2 Grid sets for Optorun 17cm ion sources;
3 Grid sets for Shincron 12cm ion sources;
4 Grid sets for Kaufman 12cm ion sources
We also offer this item in tailor made specifications. We are counted as a reliable manufacturer of standard quality Molybdenum Grid.

  • Available in 1 cm to 30 cm size options
  • Thermal stability
  • Robust construction
  • Accessible in various specifications