Pure Tungsten Target

Pure Tungsten Target

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Pure Tungsten Target has two different variants that include tungsten anode target and tungsten sputtering target and these are accessible in rotary target and planar target forms. Its sputtering variant is required for magnetron sputtering coating work or physical vapor deposition process. On the other hand, its rotary type version comes with extreme thermal stress withstanding ability under more than 2,000ƒ temperature. All these tungsten items are preferred for their high durability and standard grade. We are reckoned as an eminent manufacturer of premium quality Pure Tungsten Target.

  • Accessible in sputtering target and anode target forms
  • Capacity to endure above 2,000ƒ temperature.
  • Long lasting quality
  • 99.95% purity level
  • The sputtering version of this tungsten target is extensively used in different industries like glass coating ( automotive glass, architectural glass and optical film glass), automotive glass production, solar energy generation, magneto-optical recording media manufacturing, optical film glass production, surface engineering sector, decorative coating unit and micro electronics industry.
  • Its anode version is required for producing x ray tubes for different x ray applications purpose.
  • We provide tungsten rotary target and tungsten planar target with high purity level and delicate grain size.
This item is available with a set of testing equipment to verify its surface roughness level, density and hardness range. These testing equipment include ultrasonic machinery and eddy current tester for determining its possible internal fracture and porosity.

The standard grade of this tungsten item is determined on the basis of its purity level, microstruture and density range. We offer it with 99.95% purity. Its conductivity capacity depends on its density level which also ensures its sputtering speed. The uniformity of its microstructure denotes its uniform erosion ability during sputtering.

While choosing this item, importance should be given on its density, micostructure and purity of content.

Packaging and Transportation
We deliver this item by sea or air by packing in plywood case.