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Tungsten Copper Spray Electrode

Tungsten Copper Spray Electrode
Tungsten Copper Spray Electrode
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Product Description

During plasma spraying, metal or ceramic powder is melted in a plasma arc and then propelled at high speed against the work piece that is to be coated. In this way, it is possible to deposit impermeable, adherent layers on tools and various equipment components. When used in plasma spray guns, our nozzles and electrodes have to withstand temporary temperatures of more than 10000°C.

JBNR’s tungsten-faced electrode use the tungsten alloy as electrode face material to keep high temperature resistance and excellent resistance to arc erosion, with copper shank which keeps the higher electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity.

Using advanced casting techniques, our nozzles ensure optimum heat transfer and are able to withstand even the most extreme mechanical stresses

Our tungsten-faced electrode (cathode,anode), is widely used for 9MB,F4 Spray Gun of GTV, FST, Metco, AMT company.



W (wt%)

Pure Tungsten JBPW



Tungsten alloy JBL



Tungsten JBW



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