Tungsten Spot Welding Tip

Tungsten Spot Welding Tip

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JBNR’s tungsten tips listed here withstand greater heat and pressure, at the expense of some conductivity. Besides being used for spot welding high resistance base metals, they are useful in achieving “heat balance” when welding dissimilar metals. We can make the standard one with taper and shank, also we can make the electrode per customer’s drawing.


1) Silver brazing. Advantage: fast join, flexible and no limit for different shape. Disadvantage: silver is expensive; handle by experienced worker otherwise it is easily has gap or porosity between shank and refractory metal face.

2) Back shank casting: very good heat transfer and strengthen between the shank and refractory metal face.

Composite (%wt) Destiny (g/cm3) Hardness Electrical cc Class RWMA Comparation
W >99.95 19.3 36 30 13 13.743 High temperature resistance
W-Ce (Ce02 :2%) 19.2

low electric discharge power, fine arc satrting performance, longer life time
W-La(La203 : 1~2%) 19.2

low electric discharge power, easy for machining.