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Welding Electrodes

  1. Submerged ARC Welding Contact Tip

    Submerged ARC Welding Contact Tip is precision machined for perfect fit and long life. Designed to stringent standards, it suits many submerged arc welding applications. We offer higher performance and cost-effective line of the tips. They are ideal for industrial/professional uses.
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  2. Seam Welding Wheel

    Suitable for welding coated steels such as tin cans and vehicle fuel tanks, the provided Seam Welding Wheel is demanded across the globe. Manufactured using quality-approved raw materials and latest techniques, the offered wheel is examined on certain parameters by our experts. In addition, this Seam Welding Wheel is admired for its sturdy design, rust proof nature and perfect finish.
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  3. Silver Tungsten Plate

    Silver tungsten plate features high conductivity, hardness & heat conductivity. Also, it has good wear resistance and resistance to arc burning. It is applicable in circuit breakers, resistance welding electrode, wear resistance shaft, and others. We offer high precise and cost-effective line of silver tungsten plate.
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  4. Silver Tungsten Rod

    Silver Tungsten Rod is known for high conductivity, fine surface finish and low wear rate. It is ideal for micro-erosion machines, meeting tight tolerances as well as detail. An alloy of tungsten & silver, it comes in various sizes.
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  5. Silver Tungsten Spot Welding Electrode

    Silver tungsten spot welding electrode is designed for improvement in productivity. It offers high level of electrical conductivity and stability. Our electrodes meet your high temperature applications. They are ideal for your welding process.
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  6. Molybdenum Spot Welding Tip

    Molybdenum Spot Welding Tip gives prominent stability at high temperatures. It has a longer service life than traditional materials. The product is appropriate for welding high conductive materials. Also, it meets your specific requirements and processing needs.
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  7. Tungsten Spot Welding Tip

    Tungsten Spot Welding Tip is great for resistance welding processes. It fits your high temperature application needs. It also maintains good conductivity. Besides, it finds applications in several product categories.
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  8. Spot Welding Tip

    Spot Welding Tips are essential factors in resistance welding. They are designed to meet high temperature applications. There is improved hardness as well as good conductivity. We bring forth precision machined and cost-effective products. They are engineered for longevity and high productivity.
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  9. Refractory Metal Faced Electrodes

    Refractory Metal Faced Electrodes can withstand greater pressure and heat. It is used for spot welding applications. The electrodes can be utilized in high heat, heat balancing, and forced applications etc. Designed for improved productivity, there are several shapes & sizes.
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  10. Molybdenum Faced Electrode Shaft

    Molybdenum faced electrode shaft meets your high temperature and thermal conductivity needs. Also, there is low thermal expansion rate, low vapor pressure and excellent corrosion resistance. They are outstanding for resistance welding applications.
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  11. Tungsten Electrode

    Tungsten Electrode is great in terms of hardness and temperature resistance. With highest melting point, it is ideal for clean weld applications. It offers powerful and precise performance in various projects.
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  12. Molybdenum Electrode

    Molybdenum Electrode shows good heat conductivity, resistance to corrosion and outstanding purity. It performs well in challenging conditions. Good thermal and electrical conductivity make this product an ideal material. It is effective for various major applications.
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  13. Spot Welding Head

    We offer quality weld heads for your resistance spot welding needs. They are effective and true for your applications. Also, they help in weld quality and consistency both. The heads are utilized in fine and large scale applications.
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  14. Stud Nut Electrode

    We offer the highest quality stud nut electrodes. They are available in various shapes, sizes and classes. The welding electrodes provide many features & benefits. They offer accuracy, process repeatability and minimized downtime.
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  15. Molybdenum Faced Electrode

    Molybdenum Faced Electrode features good thermal conductivity. It is suited for cross wire welding applications. Also, this product can withstand greater heat & pressure. It is useful in attaining heat balance in welding different metals. Fast join and versatility are a few key advantages.
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  16. Seam Sealing Welding Roller Electrode

    Seam sealing effectively bonds the package and lid of an instrument. This process is essential in package manufacturing. The offered roller electrode is perfect for numerous seam sealing applications. It helps in the yield of final product.
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  17. Tungsten Faced Electrode

    Tungsten faced electrode shaft has a high melting point. Also, it features high creep resistance, high resistivity, low thermal expansion, high density and good thermal conductivity. The tungsten product is practical in various welding applications. It shows very good hardness and reliability.
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